I bought Soften Her because a friend told me about how she uses it for her coarse stubble around her bikini area. I tried it and it really does soften the hairs making intimacy more comfortable. I even tried it on my legs and it worked great. It actually got rid of the hair altogether and my legs also got exfoliated at the same time. So if I don’t have time to shave, I can just use one of these Soften Her pads and I’m good to go. Good price and very portable too. Great Idea!

Soften Her, You gotta try it!Vegas Baby!

What an amazing idea…sounds kind of dumb but it is brilliant. Like most women, I am very sensitive around my lady parts and always looking for grooming tools and ideas….this not only “softens her”, it got rid of some stubble bumps which one of my other tools created. Seems such a no-brainer but this is so cool!!! Such a cute lil product–I’m stocking up!!!

IT REALLY WORKS!!Danine Garber

I had bought my husband the men’s version of this product (The Soft Goat) because his stubble used to scratch me when we kissed. It worked so well that I had wished at the time that there was a women’s version and lucky for me, my wish came true. I get a brazilian wax every 6 weeks or so and as soon as the hair starts to grow back, it is annoyingly itchy for me and my husband has the same problem I had with his stubble (if you know what I mean.) There are 2 main reasons I like Soften Her: I no longer get ingrown hairs in my lady region and the hair itself becomes soft, which in turn means it does not stick to my clothes or prevent any potential intimate sessions.

The packaging is similar to the men’s product in that there are 3 softening pads and an instruction page inside the box. Both products work the same way, although it seems as though the ladies’ version is softer. To use a softening pad, you just slip your fingers underneath the strap on the back and apply it to your clean body hair and work in small circles. The key here is to be gentle! If you press to hard, it hurts. After 30 seconds or so, the hair is softer. I like to use it immediately before my waxing appointment too. It seems as though it makes the experience slightly less painful. The same pad can be used more than once and it’s really a judgement call as to when its time to start using a new one. I can get about 5 uses out of one pad which makes it pretty economical too.

There are 2 main reasons I like Soften HerJudyO

Love this Product.

Five StarsMary Lazzara