Stubble Through November with Soften Her

November 10, 2014


The November movement that’s making a huge impact on men’s health and wellness all over the world, one beard at a time. There’s even an effort on the ladies’ behalf called Mo Sistas, which aims to support these fine fellas by raising funds and awareness–sans the beard, of course.

I’m all for supporting the cause, though I’m glad it’s not me growing the facial hair–still trying to maintain that silky summer leg-feel in the fall, ¿sabes? Now before this discussion starts to get hairy (see what I did there?), I’ve got a new piece of flair to toss in your toiletry bag, makeup case, gym tote, and so on, that’s great in a pinch, especially against the dry cold on your skin.


Soften Her, from the makers of Soft Goat, is a disposable disc that smoothes the sharp edges of freshly grown hair. A simple beauty routine that’s creating buzz amongst female wanderlusters around the world, the pad isn’t just for removing stubble in between shaves, either. The gentle circular motions on your skin can also generate healthy cell growth, exfoliating calluses, elbows, heels, or wherever your skin needs a little extra TLC.


In denial that the cold weather has made a swift return, I’m still sporting the capris in class and on outdoor runs– don’t get me wrong–yoga is not about being concerned with prickly legs, and vanity and looks aren’t by any means yogic thinking. However, if not being bothered by the thorny whatever-o’clock-shadow you’ve got keeps you present on your mat while practicing Sun Sals, I can’t argue with that.

I will say that Soften Her has been a quick solution for me with my Sahara-dry skin-asana, aiding in an exfoliating relief from ingrown hairs as an added bonus. Feeling is believing in this before and after:


One box includes 3 hypoallergenic pads, lasting up to 2 months each (depending on the frequency of use), and the gentle coarseness of the small round pads will diminish the dullness of your skin and give it a fresh, suave feel.

Grab yours here–let me know how it goes, gals!


PS Get involved and/or donate this Movember by clicking here.

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