Soften Her – Review*


When I first received this product, I was kind of disappointed. It’s basically just a circular nail file. I mean, I get the point of it and it’s a great idea but… It’s kind of just a waste when someone already invented sandpaper.

Soften Her is a circular pad that you rub in circles on your stubbly legs, arms etc. so it does exactly what it says on the tin and softens her. The pads have an elasticized strap so that they stay on your hand while your rub your legs, arms and so  on in a circular motion that it takes away the roughness of the prickles from hair growing back.

Obviously it has it’s good points like it’s hypo allergic, reusable, disposable and it exfoliates but you know when there’s a product that is just trying to do something elses job? I feel like this is one of those. It’s not hard to shave your legs and use an actual exfoliator if you exfoliate so I just don’t see the niche for this product that hasn’t already been filled.

At least, I didn’t at first.

I’m hoping it’s not just me but when you shave your *ahem* lady parts, you’ll most likely get razor bumps and they hurt a little and are pretty irritating, also, you get them stages where you’re not at a safe length to shave without getting spots of bleeding where the hair is too coarse and short. The Soften Her pads are amazing to deal with this! They’re great to use during those “too short to shave, too prickly to be comfortable” stages.

I don’t know whether it was just me being dumb and assuming it was for legs because there is a picture of legs on the packaging (which is super pretty) and this product is actually for your bikini line but if it was me being dim then this is actually a fabulous product because I haven’t found one that gets you through that unshavable stage so quickly, not even hair removal cream as that only removes up to a certain amount of hair, then leaves stubble.

They’re a little expensive for what they do but they are reusable and last longer than most razors, they also come in boxes of three, lasting up to two months each. The company also does a Soften Goat for the men, I assume it’s just a change of colour and font, which I’m certain a lot of girlfriends will be grateful for when their partner decides it’s a great day not to shave.

First opinions, not so great, second look, perfect. I’ll definitely think this product is useful, good idea and I hope it is successful in reaching whatever the goal is that the company has set.

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