Soften Her Review

The Bottom Line
Soften Her won’t remove your hair but does soften stubble- even on coarse hair – in about 15 seconds. A good product to try if you’re very concerned about that prickly feel in between shaving.

Easy to use
Doesn’t hurt
May help prevent ingrown hair

Doesn’t remove hair
May leave skin looking or feeling dry


Review: Soften Her
Soften Her is a unique product for women. It’s not intended to remove the hair by cutting it, like shaving does, or remove it from the root- hello waxing.  Instead, its purpose is to take existing prickly stubble hair, keep it there, but make it soft.

My friend Dani tried out this product who has thicker body hair and often complains about how her hair feels a day or two post-shave. I thought she was the perfect candidate to put it to the test.

Soften Her is a smooth pink disk. You slip your fingers in a small strap on the back and rub against the hair using circular motions for approximately fifteen seconds on clean, dry skin.

First Up: the Legs
Dani tried it on her legs with a few days of growth and she was pleasantly surprised. For her, just rubbing it on her legs for a couple of seconds worked. She liked the feeling of smoothness it gave her and her legs. For some people it might take longer or shorter than fifteen seconds depending on the hair’s thickness.

She compared the feeling to sandpapering like legs, without the actual roughness of sandpaper.  She said it exfoliated as well. For example, when she used it, there were dead skin cells that came off.
She recommends using lotion afterwards to help refresh skin and take away any dry looking areas.

Now the Arms
Dani also used it on her arms which she regularly trims or shaves. Of course the hair isn’t as thick as on her legs, but it’s a medium thickness. Again it worked great making her hair feel smooth, not prickly or hard.

Ingrown Hair Fighter?
Anyone who has ever removed hair anywhere has probably been plagued with an ingrown hair- especially if they regularly remove thick hair. Shaving is notorious for creating the perfect breeding grounds for hair growing back into the skin because it doesn’t remove hair straight but often leaves a pointed edge.

Hair normally has a beveled or feathered edge. This pointed edge is one of the reasons why hair might feel thicker or more prickly after shaving. This edge also makes it easier for hair to pierce the skin.

The company says that it helps prevent ingrown hair. While Dani has gotten ingrown hairs before, she doesn’t have an extreme issue with them and couldn’t say whether the product helped ward them off or not. However, since the hair does feel less prickly after using Soften Her, we could assume that this pointed edge is gone. It goes to reason that it very well may prevent ingrown hair from popping up somewhat.

How Long Will it Last?
One box has three pink discs. Each disc is said to last two months each.

Not Just for Women
The guys are not left out here and don’t have to resort to adding a pink disc to their hair removal routine if they want to lessen their prickly hair. The company also makes the same kind of product for men called The Soft Goat.