Soften Her Review from Grocery Alerts Canada

With swimsuit season approaching it’s time to check in and get your stubble softened with a little help from Soften Her.


We all want soft smooth skin and what better way to get it than using skin buffers that helps keep intimate areas soften after shaving. Soften Her removes freshly grown hair and exfoliates skin that helps prevent ingrown hair.  It reduces razor burn and gives skin a sleek and polished feel. You can use Soften Her on areas such as underarms, bikini areas and legs regardless of the method of hair removal used.

A set of Soften Her buffer pads will last 4-6 months allowing you 3 applications. They can be purchased online for $11.99.

Now you can keep your intimate areas soft all the time. Whether it’s your bikini area, legs, or underarms, the prickly grow back hair can be an annoyance for you and your partner.

To purchase and learn more about the Soften Her Buffer Pads click here.

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