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Guuuyyyysss! I am going crazy about Soften Her. Nothing thrills me more than finding a product that extends my shave-life. I am a naturally hairy person and when I shave my hair begins to grow back within 3-4 days. I’ve never had the luxury of being freshly shaven for over a week like many people I know. I am the friend that has to sneak away during vacation to get a quick shave in before we head to the beach because even though I shaved before we departed I’m already sprouting new hairs. As you can expect, this is a big issue for me because I cannot stand to be prickly or having to shave a minimal amount of hair because I’m wearing something revealing or because I want to relax in the sun. Most of the time, I’ll opt for jeans or leggings so I don’t have to shave my “casper hairs” (you know, not enough hair to be alarmed but just enough hair to make you feel insecure about wearing shorts). Soften Her has helped tremendously with this. I can use this product and not have to shave again for at least 3-4 more days past my normal shaving time. This is great for us mom’s who can’t always find time to shave (and believe me, time to shave when you are a mom is a delicacy). This is also great because here in the South it is mostly hot and humid and shorts/skirts/swim suits are essential in one’s wardrobe. I mean, we are in the middle of the winter season and the high today was 78 (what.the.hell?!). No one wants to have to shave every few days to be comfortable. I used to have to do a quick shave on semi-slick skin but now I have this! It is great at exfoliating the skin and if you follow the directions that are included in the package, this product works like a charm. The directions state to move the sponge in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion on clean, dry skin (and all the directions/tips are great and easy to follow). I first used this product after a shower so I knew my skin was clean and dry. The pad makes you look really ashy as you are exfoliating (because the skin is dry) and ridding yourself of those unsightly hairs BUT don’t fret over this because I realized that I could tell Soften Her was working well because I could literally feel the stubble coming off. Best of all, this was PAINLESS…if only all hair removal was this painless, LOL! Once I put lotion on my skin upon finishing, my skin looked amazing. The lotion I used did burn a bit but that was because I instantly put it on AND I probably used more pressure than needed (it says not to apply pressure) because I’m naturally heavy handed…like, I can’t even put a loose ponytail in my hair without some effort, my ponytails are always super tight and annoying by the end of the day. Overall, I have NO complaints about this product. I will be including Soften Her in my makeup bag (because it is small enough and fits perfectly) for everyday and on trips. This product has really reduced my shaving time and has allowed me to focus my time more on actually enjoying the weather rather than preparing for it.

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I will say that I think the only recommendation I could make is on packaging. The product itself is packaged beautifully (as you saw at the beginning of this post) but I think this company would save money if they found a way to package their shipment in smaller packages. I say this because I received this small box in a much larger box and I think that this company can get away with smaller packaging; essentially making their shipping process easier.
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(Sidenote Ladies: There is a product out there for the man in your life as well, The Soft Goat.)

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