Belezas da Di

(Translated from the original article, in Portugese)

Hello Beauties,
Today I bring a product that already received a brand Soften Her time to test and give my opinion to you.

Each box has three pillows (the surface of each is like having a soft sandpaper to the skin) who kindly make exfoliation, leaving skin smooth, prevent ingrown hairs and reduces those bubbles that usually appear after hair removal.

Can be used on the legs, the bikini line and still under the arms. Recommend to make smooth movements and circular in shape. And best of all have this meeting tonight but did waxing in conditions and still have some unwanted hairs these pads are perfect in a few seconds the problem is solved is no wonder that their slogan is “when getting close matters”.

Always use clean areas of skin, do a little pressure on the skin when using the product, throw out while it is still very dirty. The Soften Her is a reusable product, compact, hypoallergenic, disposable, and above all easy to use! In the photo below you can see how I was after using the product, I have very sensitive skin and the minimum thing is just angry, I had a slight burning sensation but something that passed a few minutes later (after applying a moisturizer). Moreover quite liked the idea of ​​this product confess I did not know something!




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