Spring 2015 is right around the corner and with the spring comes a sense of renewal. That renewal typically brings about spring cleaning and more often than not, changes in our appearance. Those changes can vary from new cuts, styles or trying new types of makeup. It can even mean changing up our home or trying to make changes in our lifestyle.This trend spotlight and product roundup showcases some interesting products and trends for Spring 2015.


Showing some skin
Another trend that seems to cycle back around after the cold and as soon as spring hits, is to show a little skin. As soon as the weather starts to warm up dresses, shorts and skirts make an appearance. For women this means back to the shaving game. Hair removal can be tricky and difficult and staying smooth is often a short lived experience for some. Soften Her is a great new product on the market that makes prickly grown back hair an annoyance of the past. Keep in mind this doesn’t buff hair away per se, but it does help soften the skin of the shaven area. It’s a soft pad that you use to buff your shaven area and soften stubble.  It gently exfoliates and prevents in-grown hairs. I definitely noticed a decrease in razor bumps upon usage of the pad. The small compact size and shape makes it easy to use and discreet to keep in your handbag. They even have the Soft Goat for the dudes!

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