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Meet Soften Her

Guuuyyyysss! I am going crazy about Soften Her. Nothing thrills me more than finding a product that extends my shave-life. I am a naturally hairy person and when I shave my hair begins to grow back within 3-4 days. I’ve never had the luxury of being freshly shaven for over a week like many people I know. […]

Soften Her Review

Soften Her is an easy to use, hypoallergenic pad that softens stubble, exfoliates the skin, and protects against ingrown hairs. I always get ingrown hairs on my knees, and this product has helped me immensely over the last few weeks of use. It is compact, reusable, and disposable. For only $11.99, you can receive three […]

Soften Her Exfoliating Pads: Review

Hey everyone, today I have another review featuring a product that goes quite well with Dr Roebuck’s Bub & Bits. If you shave, you know that when those pesky hair grows back, they tend to feel rougher and more coarse, and even worse, sometimes you might get some painful and unsightly ingrown hair. Well, when a […]

Soften Her – Review*

When I first received this product, I was kind of disappointed. It’s basically just a circular nail file. I mean, I get the point of it and it’s a great idea but… It’s kind of just a waste when someone already invented sandpaper. Soften Her is a circular pad that you rub in circles on your […]