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Summer season requires us to flaunt a lot of skin. Not because there’s some competition or anything, but it’s really hot and in some places, very humid. Plus, who the hell wears tons of layers in the beach anyway? Of course when this comes into our minds, we don’t want this: 3. Soften Her Soften Stubble […]

10 Hair Removal Products You’ll Need This Summer

There aren’t many downsides to the great return of summer. Patios are bustling and cities are alive with the sights and sounds of festivals and outdoor activities. Not much to complain about right? Well, maybe one teeny tiny complaint. While summer weather is always welcome, it comes with a small price. Summer clothing often means more grooming […]

InternDIVA: Stay Silky Smooth with Soften Her Pads

There’s no denying how amazing freshly shaved skin feels. While I can’t help but find it necessary to flaunt my stubble-free legs, maintaining that buttery-smooth goodness can be a serious hassle. I mean let’s be real… My legs are really only able to remain clear of prickles for 2 days. Especially with this summer’s arrival, […]

Hair-Removal Products That Actually Work

Yes, we did just say that one of the main elements of a great at-home shave is a killer razor. However, we were just introduced to another tool that has changed the at-home shaving game. The Soften Her exfoliating pad softens even the sharpest of cactus stubble, while removing the excess dead skin that causes […]

Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips

For the bikini area I love Soften Her $11.99, an innovative product that is a small pad you use to exfoliate your bikini area, legs, or underarms to prevent prickly hairs from growing back leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. This can prolong time in between your bikini wax treatments too!

Soften Her Review from Grocery Alerts Canada

With swimsuit season approaching it’s time to check in and get your stubble softened with a little help from Soften Her. We all want soft smooth skin and what better way to get it than using skin buffers that helps keep intimate areas soften after shaving. Soften Her removes freshly grown hair and exfoliates skin that […]

The Soften Her Stubble Smoother and Exfoliate Reveals the Beauty of the Buff

First-of-its-Kind Women’s Product Prevents Ingrown Hairs and Softens Stubble Between Waxing and Shaving LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Soften Her, a breakthrough women’s product from the makers of The Soft Goat, is smoothing out ladies’ age-old battle with prickly hair regrowth, painful ingrown hairs, and frustrating razor bumps once and for all. Chemical-free, cost-effective, and easy-to-use, […]