As women, we want the feeling of smooth skin regardless of hair growth.

As women, we want the feeling of smooth skin regardless of hair growth. Now we can keep our intimate areas soft all the time. Whether it’s your bikini area, legs, or underarms, the prickly grow back hair can be an annoyance for you and your partner. Under magnification, freshly grown hair reveals sharp edges. Soften Her not only softens these edges, but lightly exfoliates as well, which is your best defense against ingrown hairs…no matter what method of hair removal you choose. Soften Her leaves skin feeling smooth and inviting on all parts of the body. So put down that razor, ladies, and Soften Her!

Soften Her is an easy-to-use pad, hypoallergenic, compact, reusable and disposable. Soften Her gently exfoliates, prevents in-grown hairs, softens grow-back hair and reduces razor bumps! It’s very easy to use Soften Her. Simply place your index and middle fingers under the strap and gently press Soften Her to clean skin in wither leg, underarm, or bikini area. Using a circular motion, proceed in a clockwise, then counter-clockwise motion against the hair for approximately 30 seconds, (thicker hair may need additional time.) You should always use Soften Her on clean skin and be sure to press gently against hair. It is the motion of the pad, not the intensity of pressure applied that softens the hair. Forceful pressure may cause skin irritation. Remember to replace your Soften Her when it becomes dulled or dirty.


Thoughts about Soften Her

I do not like stubble on my body. It makes me feel incredibly self-conscious, and I end up spending the time to shave those parts of my body. I was really excited to try Soften Her, but was not happy with my results. I have very sensitive skin, so even though I used Soften Her as softly as I possibly could, my skin still became very irritated and burned for a couple of days. I gave the product to a friend of mine to try (she tries products for me when there is a reason I can’t), and she absolutely LOVED Soften Her. She told me how soft her skin felt after using the product and loves how Soften Her also exfoliates which removing stubble.

I feel this is a great product for those who may be in a hurry and do not have enough time to shave. Soften Her is very easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of time. It’s also perfect for those spots you might have missed shaving. Although the product didn’t work for me, it worked perfectly for my friend, and it’s definitely a product worth trying!

I think the biggest selling point is that Soften Her can prevent in-grown hairs! It’s also a great price, priced at $11.99, and very portable. Soften Her can be ordered online through Amazon. So instead of packing your razor for a weekend getaway with your partner, why not try Soften Her?