8 Beach Bag essentials!

A day at the beach is an all day affair. We watch our skins gradience from sun deprived to sun kissed. We watch the sun travel on it’s journey from one part of the sky to the next. We’re constantly repositioning ourselves so we don’t miss an angle of tan. And ever so frequently, we’ll sneak a peak beneath our bikini straps to see our golden goddess progress.

With a day as long as this, you need to be prepared to bring a tote packed with protection and beauty products. Tote’s can be messy though, within the deep, dark depths of our bags we overpack with products thrown in by indecision. Lighten up the load with these 8 beach bag beauty essentials!


8. Soften Her – We’ve all been here before, we think our legs are smooth and hairless when you come across unwanted stubble. While it may be unconventional to bring a razor to the beach, these small pink Soften Her circles discretely allow you to smooth away hair before anyone realizes what you’re doing. Just rub in circular motions a few times and watch the hair disappear, then, feel how insanely smooth your legs are!

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