The $12 Exfoliating Disc That Softens Stubble Between Shaves

I’ve used Soften Her on my legs, pits and, ahem, down there to great effect.

In general, I subscribe to the #feminist-makeupping school of thought. I recognize how the patriarchy has influenced my use of makeup and, as a result, I’ve definitely changed the way I approach beauty. The one thing I simply can’t let go of? Smooth, hairless legs.


Full disclosure: my boyfriend, John, visits me every Monday, meaning that each Sunday night is a flurry of stubble and razors and shaving cream. I hate the fact that I’m so dependent on this routine, especially since John is super sweet and really couldn’t care less. But the fact is, if we get intimate without my legs being flawlessly silky, I simply can’t get my stubble out of my head. Not empowering at all.

However, we all know shaving is a massive time suck and a huge pain in the ass, especially since we’re now fully in pants season. That’s why I’m thanking my lucky stars that Soften Her sent me four of their stellar exfoliating pads. Stubble, I’m coming for you.

What Is Soften Her?
You know how new stubble feels super rough and prickly, but once it’s grown out enough it’s kind of soft? That’s because new hairs tend to have sharp edges at first. Soften Her is a pink, makeup sponge-size disc that features a sandpaper-y texture to buff away those sharp edges.

It’s so freaking simple. You slip the disc’s rubber band around your fingers and buff your legs until the hairs feel soft to the touch. And, oh, how soft your gams will feel. Soften Her simultaneously exfoliates the skin, so you’re basically getting a body scrub and hair softening in one go. This also means you’re greatly reducing your chances of getting ingrown hairs the next time you shave. I’ve used Soften Her on my legs, armpits and, ahem, down there to great effect.

Can It Replace Shaving And Waxing?

Depends on your wants, needs, expectations, etcetera. No, this baby won’t totally get rid of stubble, so if you hate the look of body hair, this might not be for you. If you’re just looking for a way to make that prickly feeling disappear, then you’ve hit the jackpot. I’m fortunate enough that my body hair is a light blonde, so it’s not really visible. I find that I can easily go at least a few weeks without shaving if I use Soften Her every four to five days.

Any Gripes?
Just a few. Soften Her is the perfect size to target underarm and pubic hair, but it’s inconveniently tiny for legs. On particularly stubbly days, I wonder if I might as well just suck it up and whip out my razor. I’ve also wondered if a cheap sheet of fine sandpaper might give the same effect. Soften Her claims, though, that one pad can be used for up to two months, and I’m not sure sandpaper would persevere for that long. Basically, the moment this brand starts making super-size pads for legs, I’ll be a full-fledged convert.

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